Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Importance of Rotating Toys

It's only a few weeks after Christmas and the new toys are already starting to lose their luster. It's winter and we've been stuck inside. A lot. Mostly because of that damn Polar Vortex! I hate winter. The cold weather sucks. Being cold sucks. Rain and 33° really sucks. Enough with my rant. Like I said, we have been playing with all of our new toys that we got for Christmas a lot. I say we, but I really mean my son got a lot of new toys and since he's an only child, WE have been playing with them. I get bored really fast, so it's not surprising that my son does too. One of the best ways for him to not get bored is to rotate toys. Some I stash in a closet or up in the attic, and I also put some in the ottoman in the living room. (Outta site, outta mind.) When he seems like all he wants to do is watch tv or play on the iPad, I whip out an old toy. But since he hasn't seen it in a couple of weeks, it's like new and chances are he'll play with it for several days before he gets bored and it goes back in it's hiding place.

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