Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Mustache You if You'd Like Some Cake

My son loves mustaches. I have absolutely no idea why, but he does and now everywhere I go, I seem to spot them. I asked him if he wanted a truck cake or a mustache cake for his third birthday and he said a mustache cake. He's quite funny for a toddler. Anyhow, I saw this one on Pinterest and decided to make it. It was super easy.

I only used one 8"round cake pan and then put the rest of the batter in mini loaf pans. No muffin pan at the moment, otherwise I would have done cupcakes. I was on a time crunch and screech...made a box cake. I did however make homemade chocolate buttercream icing, which everyone thought was delicious. I thought some individual mustaches on the mini loaves would be cute. I added a little too much cream to the chocolate chips, but they didn't turn out too bad. I meant to leave some buttercream plain, because I thought the chocolate would show up much better on white icing, but I forgot. O well. Next time. 

Since I'm a bit anal, I used a template to cut out the mustache, so it would be even. Thank god I did, because my first template was lopsided. I traced the cake pan, then folded the circle in half and in half again so the mustache would be even. Although maybe I should have centered it on the tray. My son didn't seem to care and no one but me noticed. 

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